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Focus on various sensors, instruments and meters, can be customized according to client’s needs

  • Hand in hand with aerospace science and technology • Escort city security

    Focusing on the operation safety of the whole gas industry chain, we are committed to using technology to enable gas safety

    Gas safety system solutions

    Gas safety system

    Underground well intelligent monitoring system, regulating tank (cabinet) monitoring system, pipeline settlement monitoring system, compensator safety monitoring system, gas industrial and commercial user alarm system, portable detector, equipment maintenance and testing services
  • Hand in hand with aerospace science and technology • Escort city security

        We will use technology to escort the lifeline of cities and help the steady development of smart cities

    Urban Lifeline Solutions

    city lifeline system

    Smart gas operation supervision platform, smart city drainage safety supervision system, smart manhole safety management system, smart city bridge and tunnel monitoring safety supervision system
  • Hand in hand with aerospace science and technology • Escort city security

    Independent technology innovation research and development system, focusing on intelligent comprehensive energy management

    Great Wisdom water energy solutions

    Great wisdom water energy

    Great wisdom water energy platform, pipeline water power generation solutions...
  • Water power solutions

    Water power generation

    Smart meter penetration is not high: the current smart remote meter, not only the scale is limited, and in the data...
  • Gas safety system

  • city lifeline system

  • Great wisdom water energy

  • Water power generation


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Protect the lifeline of the city with technology

Founded in 1999, Tianlian has focused on urban pipe network for more than 20 years。He has won the second prize of scientific and technological achievements of China's building materials industry, drafted the national standard of "Check manhole Cover", and exported his products to more than 30 countries. He is a well-known brand in the field of building materials.

In 2013, Hunan Tianlian City Numerical Control Co., Ltd. was established to set foot in the intelligent Internet of Things industry. In 2017, it began to integrate with the military and civilian sectors of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and established Hunan Tianlian Sensor Technology Co., LTD., and China Aerospace (Hunan) Sensor Technology Center.

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  • Leader in gas safety monitoring
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